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Canvas-based Scalable Interactive Coding is an open-source canvas-based coding IDE that helps programmers develop large, production-ready projects faster by presenting interactive coding (e.g., Jupyter) on a hierarchical, scoped, 2D canvas.

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Codepod provides the interactive coding experience popularized by Jupyter, but with scalability and production-readiness.
Users can still incrementally build up code by trying out a small code snippet each time. But they would not be overwhelmed by the great number of code snippets as the projects grow.


CodePod offers freeform coding on a hierarchical 2D canvas to spatially and semantically modularize code.
Code snippets can be inserted anywhere on the canvas, and can be hierarchically organized into modules. In this way, Codepod allows managing large amounts of code without using files.

So what

With Codepod, interactive programming is no longer limited to small-scale prototyping or demonstrative projects. Not only can one remain fast in prototyping, but also quick in prototype-to-product conversion as code is modularized rather than intermingled as in Jupyter.

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Easy to Use


Like you, we believe in open-source. You can find our source code on GitHub. We'd like your contribution to make it better!

Focus on What Matters

Zoom in and out your code

In CodePod, you can zoom out to see the big picture, as well as zoom in to a line. Just a swipe or scroll. No more going up and down the folder hierarchy and close and open a series of files or tabs.

Powered by React

Any language, and any domain

Codepod's dream is to expand REPL or the interactive or exploratory coding experience from Data Science and Machine Learning (dominated by Python), to any domain and any programming language.

Meet our team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do. We’re always looking for new talent to join our team.

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